Welcome to the online course in “Community Based HIV Surveillance; First Module”

General Information

The “Community-Based HIV Surveillance” course orients you to most important aspects of community based HIV surveillance. This distance course has three modules to cover the topics. The first module aims at providing basic knowledge of HIV epidemiology and surveillance while modules 2 and 3 provide more specific knowledge and skills. Successful completion of the first module is required for enrolling in modules 2 and/or 3. Now, you are participating in the first module (Basic Module). By the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • Describe HIV epidemic levels and Key Populations in the world
  • Describe the main components of the second generation HIV surveillance
  • Define ethical considerations in HIV surveillance
  • Define gender related issues in HIV topics

Course Structure

The course consists of four different units (one every week). At the beginning of each week, you will receive teaching material via the distance course website. You should read the materials, do the self-assessment and upload it by the end of the week. The facilitators will give you feedback and this will continue until the end of the fourth week. In the end, you should do the module assignment.

Course Certification

You will be evaluated based on their completed assignments at the end of the course. If you pass the course successfully, you will receive the certificate and will be asked if you would like to register in one of the advanced modules.

Contact Person

Ms. Samira Hosseini Hooshyar (Project Assistant; Regional Knowledge Hub, and WHO Collaborating Centre for HIV Surveillance).

Telefax: +98 (34) 31325409. Email: s_hosseini@hivhub.ir


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